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This is a Cellphone from Sierra Vista, AZ
provided by T-MOBILE USA, INC.

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Report filed by:Frank J McMullan (12 days ago)
Comment:Received call on my cell phone from 520-220-5925; I answered call on approx 3rd ring; caller hung up. I immediately called back the number which was identified on my cell phone and informed caller I was returning his call.... He said he did not call nor did he identify himself.... According to my phone a call was made from that number just prior to me calling back. I submit this report because I have been receiving unsolicited calls over a period of time on both home phone and cell phone. Additional info is: I have recently encountered an attempt to overcharge $265.oo on a medical claim which was resolved through my medical insurance company intervention (should have been resolved); I recently filed a complaint thru AZ Attorney Generals Office with respect to an incident in WallMart in Sierra Vista (haven't heard anything else so am assuming subject is closed).. I just needed to make sure any phone calls are on the up and up.... i.e. legit.
Call type: Unknown

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